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Ultra Sauna Gas Fired Heater

Gas Sauna Heater

Jet Engine Material Technology – Ready for Takeoff!

The Scandia-Vico gas sauna heater is built to last. Fire chambers made from 321 spec stainless steel, same materials used in jet engine after burners. Scandia gas heaters feature the largest rock tray in the industry supporting up to 160 lbs of rocks with an eight
gallon water capacity instantly turning your sauna into a steam sauna. 

Model BTU Height Width Depth Rocks Water Capacity Max Room Size
240 40,000 28" (71cm) 18.5" (47cm) 21" (53cm) 80 Ibs (36kg) 4 gal (15 liters) 90 sq ft (27 sqM)
280 80,000 40" (102cm) 29" (74cm) 33" (84cm) 160 Ibs (72kg) 10 gal (38 liters) 240 sq ft (73sq M)

Sauna Heater built for Natural Gas or Liquid Propane (LP) - no electricity needed

With Scandia modular (indoor or outdoor) 
sauna you can:

sauna room
  • Set up in one day

  • No electrical required

  • LP outdoor connection in minutes

  • Typically lower operational costs

  • Superior quality of heat

  • Largest steamer tray


Choosing the right model Ultra Sauna Gas Fired Heater

Models Heater A B C D E F G H I J K L N
240 & 245 40,000 28" 4" 18 1/2" 2 1/2" 20 x 32 8 1/4" x
13 1/4"
3 1/2" 24 1/2" 14" 7" 4" 10 1/4" 8"
280 & 285 80,000 40" 6" 29" 4" 33" x 45" 8 1/4" x
16 1/4"
5 1/2" 32" 20" 12" 6" 12 1/4" 14"

  40,000 BTU 80,000 BTU
A 18.5" 29"
B 8" 12"
C 7" 11"
D 21/2" 4"

Gas or Electric

If possible, a gas sauna heater is the ideal choice. Gas heaters generate a quality of heat that cannot be achieved by an electric heater. Gas offers a warm friendly heat that greatly enhances the sauna experience. In addition to quality, in most parts of the world, it cost lest to operate
than electric heaters (up to 50% less). The LTV (life time value) of a gas sauna heater is substantially greater than electric heaters from an operational and maintenance point of view.

Natural Gas and Propane (LP) gas-fired sauna heaters

Considered the finest sauna heater in the world, the Ultra gas sauna heater is made from 100% stainless steel and features an extra large rock tray that instantly transforms the sauna into a steam sauna. More efficient than traditional electric heaters, the Ultra gas sauna heater does not require continuous replacement of costly elements.

Our sealed combustion heaters require no gas or flue connections inside the sauna. Therefore the possibility of oxygen depletion or flue products leading into the sauna are eliminated. A flue cap is furnished standard with all heaters we manufacture. 

Ultra-Sauna gas heaters come complete with a galvanized back-panel assembly, stainless
steel internal wall flashing and a flu-cap or draft hood (for direct or vertical venting).
The ultra-sauna comes standard with a 60 minute timer and a mechanical thermostat.

  • Gas heater body: internal chamber #321 spec stainless steel.
  • Gas heater body: external shell #304 spec brushed stainless steel.
  • Gas heater body: rock pan #304/321 spec stainless steel. Holds up to eight gallons.
  • Internal wall flashing: flashing #304 spec brushed stainless steel.
  • Back panel assembly: through-wall assembly: 22 ga galvanizes steel.
  • Venting components: vertical (draft hood) or direct (flue cap) venting.
  • Burner assembly: proprietary burner, gas valve and pilot generator.